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June 27 2016


A Brief History Cosmetic Dentistry

You are fortunate to live in a time when a cosmetic dentist Jupiter FL, or where sedation dentistry in Boynton Beach is easy to find, affordable and nearly pain-free with innovations like Novacaine. In ancient times, there were few or no dentists anywhere to be found. People died early for many reasons, including complete tooth loss that made eating enough food impossible. However, cosmetic dentistry is not a new phenomenon. It has long, strange history.

The Indus Valley

The good thing about teeth is that they are made of bone and can survive for thousands of years, just waiting for an intrepid archaeologist to unearth them. Although cosmetic dental tools have not survived, the teeth that ancient cosmetic dentists worked on have.

Allen Baler

The oldest known teeth worked on date from 7,000 BC. They were found in the Indus Valley in modern day Pakistan. Teeth have been discovered that have unnatural holes in them. Scientists think that ancient dentists used bow drills. Just why the holes were drilled into teeth are unknown, although it has been conjectured that they were for pain relief. Some teeth had as many as four holes in them. The holes were evenly spaced, making one wonder if this was a form of cosmetic dentistry.

The Mayans

Perhaps the most amazing ancient teeth were that of the Mayans, who lived in the Americas about 2,500 years ago. They drilled holes in the front of their teeth to stick gems like jade in. A glittering smile really had a different meaning back in the Mayan civilization. This type of "bling" looks spectacular but is not recommended by a modern cosmetic dentist in Jupiter Florida.

Gems were fixed into the teeth holes with different kinds of adhesives, depending on the cosmetic dentist, made from tree sap, ground bones, and other sticky resins. It is possible that Mayans were intoxicated before they underwent their beautification treatments, but no record of any painkillers for patients exist today. Cosmetic dentists were skilled enough to drill a hole deep enough to stick a gem in but hot deep enough to hit tooth pulp.

Medieval Europe

In Medieval Europe, you went to the barber to get your teeth worked on. Usually, tooth care was in the form of extraction (without anesthesia) but there was a popular tooth whitening treatment: filing the tooth until it looked whiter. Filed teeth decayed even more rapidly than if the stained teeth were left alone. Dentures made of ivory began to appear.

The 1700s

Porcelain began replacing ivory as the denture material of choice. Some bright but unknown dentist figured out that making a plaster mold of a patient's mouth helped make better-fitting dentures. Molds are still used today by Jupiter dentist professionals.

Jump to the Twentieth Century

When anesthesia was invented in the 1800s, longer dental procedures were possible. Plastics and acrylics are now used more often for dentures than porcelain. Teeth could be made whiter without filing. To take advantage of modern and not historical cosmetic dentistry, check out premierdentistryofjupiter.com or premierdentistryofboyntonbeach.com.   Save Save Save

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